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The Services We Offer

Nothing has changed quite so radically as our beloved cars. A wheel in each corner is about the only similarity modern day cars have with those built and driven in the 1930's. Keeping abreast of the changes is a challenge for anyone but one Wells has embraced.

The Wells team of skilled mechanics are constantly updating their knowledge base and with all the very latest technology and diagnostics equipment are able to service and maintain mostly any make and model of vehicle. MOTs for both petrol and diesel vehicle, Air con service and repairs, exhausts, tyres, clutches, brakes, suspension, steering, tracking and even their own in-house head skimming are just a few of the more popular services they provide.

Keeping their customers mobile is another key objective for Wells. If your car is off the road and being serviced or repaired with them they will, for a very low daily cost, hire you one of their service cars.

Wells are also members of and subscribe to the Motor Industry Code of Practice. This continual commitment to honest, transparent, fair and open working methods is your guarantee that you will be looked after during every stage of your visit to the garage.

For more information and a FREE quotation please call 01425 476111